Officers and Standing Committees

2019-2020 officers (L to R) Gailmae Suite, Mary Keeth, Amy Finck (back), Anita Goodale, Brian Goodman, Vicki Howard (back), Victoria Velasquez (front), Isabella Velasquez, and Diana Medrano.

President: Brian Goodman:

First Vice President: Mary Keeth

Second Vice President: Anita Goodale

Third Vice President:  Karen Singletary

Recording Secretary: Amy Finck

Treasurer: Vicki Howard

Standing Committee Chairs

Programs: Mary Keeth

Membership: Anita Goodale

Shows:   Karen Singletary

Hospitality:  Gailmae Suite

Publicity:  Anita Goodale

Youth Leader:  Diana Medrano

Youth Raffle:  Isabella & Victoria Velasquez

Newsletter Editor & Webmaster:  Peggy Cathey: